This is a place to post build threads, equipment reviews, trip reports, and questions related to outfitting and using offroad vehicles for overland expeditions and camping.
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Postby ScoutActual » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:04 am

Here is a new sub-forum to get the discussion ball rolling on sick Overland Expedition Vehicles! I know a few of us are enjoying kitting out our vehicles to support ever more aggressive offroad travel and living. Use this forum to discuss:

Vehicle Mods
- Suspension Upgrades
- Bumpers, Roof Rack, & Winches
- HAM & CB Radio Integration
- Fuel and Water Storage/Use
- Vehicle Based Camp Kitchens

Build Threads: keep us up to date on your vehicle mods

Trip Reports: let us know how your recent trip went, any lessons learned?

The list goes on and on!
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